Advisory Board
The Advisory Board has an important role and a weighty voice at Beaureale Administration B.V.. The Advisory Board is a sounding board for the management of Beaureale and provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the company's management on strategic decisions, operations, policies and investment funds. Any new fund, but also, for example, collaborations, are first, submitted to the Advisory Board for assessment, review and comment. The Advisory Board has no formal, legal (directors') liabilities and responsibilities within the Company and/or Beaureale. The Advisory Board has a professional critical attitude with a focus on feasibility, certainties and sustainability. Complementary expertise and qualities have been sought in the composition of the Advisory Board members.

Advisory Board

Paul Hoen
Chairman advisory board

Dr. Ir. Paul Hoen

Paul graduated from TU Eindhoven, has extensive experience in real estate and managerial positions. He has spent his career at HBG, Amstelland Vastgoed, Johan Matser Projectontwikkeling and at Bouwfonds as director of the Southern Netherlands region.
Carlo Broeren
Advisory board

Drs. Carlo Broeren RC QC CBM

Carlo Broeren has extensive experience in various managerial and supervisory positions. He is a registered controller, graduated from Nyenrode. He has extensive international experience as CFO and was CFO of Roompot Group from 2007-2014.
Roel van de Bilt
Advisory Board

Drs. Roel van de Bilt RBA

Roel has almost 30 years of experience as a real estate banker and was Director Rabo Real Estate Finance until April 2023. He is an expert in financing and investing in real estate with a focus on sustainability.